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This month George and I are experimenting with grinding our own beef in house again like the old days. I don’t get the sense that our burgers we’ve been making the past two years are as well received as they once were, though it might not even matter that much. We are busier than we’ve ever been in any of our various restaurant configurations and combinations. So why mess with something that works? 

I suppose the answer is because we can. We can make a better burger again, without too much trouble. The burger we’ve been cooking the past two years has been great for a lot of reasons. It’s been easy. It’s our pandemic burger. Thank you pandemic burger, you have served us well. 

Sometime in May, after all the busy-ness of graduation season, the “Old Burger’ will make its return to the menu. Between now and then, George and I will be experimenting with different grinds, so keep an eye out for an occasional “old burger” pop up on the menu. We may even let you know in the newsletter.  (Be sure to sign up for that if you haven’t already.) The “Old Burger” won’t actually be the old burgers. The old burgers used to be cooked on a chargrill, the “Old Burger” will be done on a griddle. But going back to grinding the beef every day, increasing the size from 6oz back to 8oz again, and cooking it to a temperature are the essential things.