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What a week it has been! 

There are a lot of unknowns right now for everyone reading this. One thing I am sure of for myself is that in the past ten days our staff has been reduced from fifty four employees to two (Sarah and I), and that we currently have a walk-in full of ground meat which were supposed to become hamburgers, fourteen cases of eggs, a sack of onions, and a whole lot of bread. Thus, a lot of things led to me making meatloaf this week. About these two things I have clarity.

We also have a freezer full of pierogies, vinegar pies, and quiche. It’s not our standard practice to freeze things we make, but we had a lot of pie shells and filling made before we were forced to close, so our pastry chef, Robin, baked them all off. She says the quiche will be fine, and I know from experience that previously frozen vinegar pies are barely distinguishable from the fresh ones. 

This Friday, I’ll be peddling meatloaf, pierogi, pies and homemade yogurt made with all the remaining dairy ordered before the closure, and fresh eggs around Pittsburgh myself. 

Hopefully, we’ll have a very good week and we can get another employee or two back to work the following week, a few more the next, and we can build a team that can offer a wider variety of things over time. We hope to be able to offer things fresh instead of frozen.  

Here’s how it’s going to work this week: the online store where you place your order can be found here. The online store is the only option for ordering and paying at this time, since it’s just me and Sarah. I’ll be making deliveries Friday between the hours of 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. (within a five mile radius). As much as I want to give all who support this a giant hug, I’ll just be dropping it off at your door and maintaining six feet of distance. 

We’re going to build our business again, one dozen pierogies, one pie, one meatloaf at a time. 

And finally, please bear with us. Transforming our operation from a sit down restaurant to a delivery/takeout operation run by two people in the course of a week is a bit like asking a Steeler to throw on skates and do the work of a Penguin.  There are bound to be mistakes, but we’ll figure this out. I promise. 

Thanks for reading,