Dine-In Hours: Mon-Sat 11am-10pm, bar until 11
208 N. Craig St. Pittsburgh, PA 15213


Why do people love our pies? 

First, we start with great ingredients. Fruit fillings are always made from scratch with carefully-selected fruit–whether it be wild Maine blueberries, sour cherries from Michigan, or apples and pumpkins from Western PA!

Second, we make our pie dough using real butter to give our pies that old-fashioned flavor and texture everyone loves. 

Finally, our pies come from the heart.  We really care about making pies that bring you joy and comfort. That’s why we make them by hand in small batches.

Good ingredients, old fashioned technique, and love make all the difference! 

No Frills Cakes

Just want a simple cake that is baked from scratch using quality ingredients? Our cakes are just that. We keep our cakes basic so that you can have an excellent cake made with love at a good price.

We make vanilla and chocolate cakes, and caramel and chocolate buttercreams.  Cakes and buttercreams are made with fresh eggs, real butter, real vanilla, and fair trade chocolate. You can get a vanilla cake with chocolate buttercream, vanilla cake with caramel buttercream, chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream, or chocolate cake with caramel buttercream. All cakes are 9” and two layers. 

On The Run

In addition to whole cakes and pies which can be preordered, we make cinnamon roles, muffins, scones, slices of quiche, individual pies, hand pies, and pre-made sandwiches every day. These are ready to grab and go, or you can pre-purchase the day before by calling us at 412-912-9500. 


Preorder Pies

We can bake any pie in our current rotation just for you! Please fill out the form below and let us know when you’re coming in. Pies for the following day may be picked up by 11am.

If you’re having a pie emergency and need one today, please give us a call at 412-621-2700 and we will do our best to accommodate you.  We always have pie around!

Pie flavors come and go all the time! So be sure to check back every few weeks to see what we have.  Right now we are making simple pies on account of being a new bakery, but we have many exciting recipes up our sleeve and can’t wait to share them with you in due time!