Dine-In Hours: Mon-Sat 11am-10pm, bar until 11
208 N. Craig St. Pittsburgh, PA 15213

SPECIAL EVENTS  Tickets for restaurant events are available on the store. Tickets are sold in bundles which are determined by table-size, so that groups can sit together. We usually have a few single tickets available as well for the bar. It is not necessary to make a reservation for a special event–the ticket is the reservation. 

DAILY SPECIALS Every once in a while we have a special dish to offer on a specific day.  You can pre-order these specials on our online store to ensure that we have one set aside for you when you come.  Please note that pre-purchasing a daily special does not ensure you a reservation. Please be sure to make a reservation on our website.

FRIDAY PREPARED FOODS  Most weeks our chef and co-owner, Trevett, makes a special dish or two or three that is available on Friday for pickup. The specials usually go onto the online store on Tuesday afternoons. These specials are usually a fully-cooked dish of some kind that needs little more than to be reheated, but usually needs some sides to go with it (like rice, pasta, potato, etc.) Some items in the past have included braised lamb shanks, chicken cacciatore, beef braised in beer, and pork and sauerkraut goulash. This always sells out, so be sure to preorder online!  Subscribe to the newsletter to learn about the Friday special each week and when it’s going live.