Since March we’ve been keeping many fridges, freezers, and cupboards in Pittsburgh filled with hand-made prepared foods, high-quality staples, and interesting provisions.Though our offerings have evolved considerably since March, the goal for our store is the same: help ease the burden of cooking at home and offer new ideas to keep things interesting. Be sure to sign up for our weekly newsletter to receive updates on new items.

WE ALWAYS HAVE… pot pies (chicken or vegetarian), pierogies, soups and home made pickles ready to pick up at the bakery. Other items such as meatloaf, stuffed cabbage, and meatballs come and go. These are comforting, made-from scratch foods which are great to have in your home freezer for a quick-yet-lovingly-prepared meal when you don’t have the time to do it yourself. We also have a selection of good quality staples from the same local producers that help us make yummy food for you such as eggs from Jubilee Hilltop Farms (Bedford County), Twin Brook Dairy Milk (all Jersey and Guernsey milk from Washington County), Paul Family Farm Maple Syrup (Galeton, PA), and whole Commonplace Coffee beans (Indiana, PA).  Other staples come and go with the seasons.

FRIDAY SPECIAL(S) Most weeks our chef and co-owner, Trevett, makes a special dish or two or three that is available on Friday for pickup. These specials are usually a fully-cooked dish of some kind that needs little more than to be reheated, but usually needs some sides to go with it (like rice, pasta, potato, etc.) Some items in the past have included braised lamb shanks, chicken cacciatore, beef braised in beer, and pork and sauerkraut goulash. This always sells out, so be sure to preorder online!  Subscribe to the newsletter to learn about the Friday special each week and when it’s going live.

ONLINE PREORDERS: Because of the high demand, the Friday special(s) as well as many of our store items can be pre-purchased online. Please note that not everything we have available at the store is available online–we offer this service for things that are in heavy demand that are in danger of being in short supply.  You can always stop by during normal business hours to see what we have!