Dine-In Hours: Mon-Sat 11am-10pm, bar until 11
208 N. Craig St. Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Store Menu

Our store is located in the bakery at 200 North Craig Street and features wholesome, carefully prepared foods that make an easy supper for you and your family at home.


Seasonal soups made from scratch with homemade stocks and seasonal vegetables

Chicken Pot Pie (Frozen)

Classic chicken pot pie made with humanely raised PA chicken, fresh stock, carrots, peas, and onions, all baked together in a butter crust.  At two pounds, our chicken pot pies are substantial and easily feeds a family of four.

Mushroom Pot Pie (Frozen)

A combination of four mushrooms, carrots, peas and onions stewed in mushroom veloute before being baked in a butter crust.

Stuffed Cabbage (Frozen)

Cabbage leaves stuffed with local beef and pork, rice, bread crumbs, and seasonings, then baked in a deeply-flavored tomato sauce layered with onions cooked in lard, chicken stock, and sour dill brine. 

Pierogies (Frozen)

Our hand-formed pierogies are filled with potatoes, homemade farmer’s cheese, and onions.  We’ve been making them the same way for eight years.

Friday Special

Most weeks we have special items available on Friday. These are prepared foods that can be reheated at home.  The Friday specials are announced each week on Tuesdays in our newsletter, which you can sign up for HERE.


We make various homemade pickles throughout the year.  Most of the pickles we make are made with produce from Western PA.  WIth the exception of the pickled beets, which are a vinegar-based pickle, our pickles are made naturally with age-old traditional fermentation techniques and are kept raw to ensure an amazing flavor and maximum health benefits. Not all the pickles we have for sale are available online, so be sure to check out the display cooler when you are in.

Special Proteins

Some weeks when we find a special animal protein that we want to share with you, we offer it up for sale on the online store. Some things we have done in the past include dry-brined Kennedy’s chicken, prime strip steaks, fresh scallops, local ground goat, and local pork chops. Our goal is to offer something interesting for folks to cook at home that is sourced with the same quality (always antibiotic free, humanely raised, flavor-forward) that we cook with in our restaurants.