Pint of Chickpea Wot with Ethiopian Spices (Frozen)


Begin by making niter kibbeh, a flavored butter we make with fresh ginger, fresh turmeric, onion and dried spices and cook for a long time to develop the flavor of the butter solids, similar to making ghee. (We’ll be making a lot of it and putting it on next week’s list so you can play around with it in your kitchen too.) To that we’ll add copious amounts of onions, ramps, fresh ginger, garlic, chopped fresh thyme, and freshly ground berbere spice blend. Then comes in organic canned tomatoes and chickpeas that have been cooked with mirepoix, bay and a sachet of thyme and parsley, seasoned, and cooled in this flavorful liquid overnight. At the end, it all gets finished with a lot of cilantro. All you need is rice, some yogurt, and maybe a cucumber salad or a bitter, garlicky green. (Wild dandelion would be perfect.)

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