Chicken Braised with Shishito Peppers (Ready Thursday after 1pm)


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This will fall somewhere on the spectrum between being a paprikash and a cacciatore. We’ll brown off chicken thighs in lard and braise them with white wine, chicken stock, tomatoes, thyme, the shishitos and paprika. We will be offering these in quarts. Each quart will have at least 1# 5oz of bone-in chicken thighs, which usually ends up being 4 or 5, depending on their size. This typically serves 2-3 adults. Alternately, you could pick the chicken off the bone, add it back in with the vegetables, and serve it with pasta and stretch it out even further. There is certainly enough flavor to do that. We’re predicting to have around 45 or so orders of this, but there is a chance we will have a few more. We’ll be making this on Wednesday afternoon and packing it up Thursday. We will be updating the number of orders in the system Thursday afternoon–so check back if it’s sold out before then.